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Home Bar 17 February 2020    Gabbles

It’s been a really long while since I have been hanging out with friends in a regular bar. Recently a friend introduced us to this bar near Kallang and we liked it right away, it has good ambience and good vibes, and more importantly, it’s cheap! “Borrow whisky, eliminate worries” The bar is called ABV, it’s just behind The Refinery. Last weekend we were there for a birthday party of one of our friends on Friday, and then we decided  

Year of The Rat 3 February 2020    Gabbles

Chinese New Year is one of the biggest holiday in Singapore and the most celebrated one as Chinese is 76.2% of the population. I usually prefer to be out because it's a long holiday but for the past years, we've been celebrating it here and last Monday we spent the day at St John's Island. It was a good day until the next day that I have to work early and all my sea fleas bites became very itchy! One  

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Configuring CUPS on Linux 17 February 2020   

CUPS Master Print Server Stop CUPS and back up your current CUPS configuration: # service cups stop # cp -a /etc/cups /etc/cups.saved Edit /etc/cups/cupsd.conf to allow other servers to connect to printers on the master server. First change: Listen localhost:631 to: Listen *:631 or Listen This will configure CUPS to listen on all network interfaces. If you would like to limit CUPS to listening on a particular interface, enter the IP address of that interface instead of * or  

LVM – from PV to mkfs using loop 23 January 2020   

This is a simple for loop when creating a FS using lvm and granted that device names will be a-z