Navidad 2019

22 December 2019

I haven’t been feeling Christmassy the last few days, and being stuck in Singapore while everyone is out sucks. We have to find things to do.

There are quite a number of things to be thankful today.

Our little Xmas Teee

The man came home today with more xmas lights for our tree and it really cheered me up. It’s always the smallest things I find meaningful. He was even suggesting to get a bigger tree, but I am quite happy with this one, besides it’s our very first Christmas Tree and it’s two years old now.

Christmas at the Fort

Since most of our friends are either already out of Singapore back to their home country or busy with their own Christmas gatherings. Decided to find things to so during this festive seasons. I wanted to watch a carolling and found this event on Facebook. It is organised by a Methodist Church and it was impressively good. It’s been ages since I last watched a decent carolling. This made it feel more Christmas.

Python for Everybody Specialization

I finally got my grade on the capstone and got my Specialization certificate. This is a non credit course but I am pretty pleased. With the workload I have, it’s a huge effort for me to squeeze in any self-learning activities, but I wanted to complete it. I am not a programmer by choice, but I am actually starting to like it. I like how I’ve learned to clean up my codes and make it more simpler but working as expected still.

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