Family, Friends, Love and Giving

26 December 2019

There was a question at the music festival Christmas at the Fort. What is Christmas for you?

Christmas is not like before when I was a child. We used to celebrate it big time when my grandparents were still alive, and now, most family are scattered all over the world and mostly are in Australia. It does not feel the same too without my sister.

But I do my best. We are not able to travel out this year, but happy to spend it with Family and Friends.

Games with these lovelies

Spent the afternoon of 24th with friends playing board games, with a lot of arguments and laughter. It was a well spent afternoon

Secret Hitler

Learned a new game that is quite fun! I think I am going to get one for myself. It was quite enjoyable. It’s similar to coup but more intense as all of you needs to lie and you’ll really never know who is in your team. Recommended for at least bigger group, about 7 people and above.

Fabian and Friends

Luckily my cousins are in town this Christmas, so we got to spend Noche Buena with them, with of course karaoke and lots and lots of food and presents to the only kid around.

Spent a quiet Christmas Lunch with an old friend at her house, with her friend and her friend’s daughter.

I got this Christmas minty cake from seriously keto because my friend is figthing PCOS too so we bought try not to eat any food that contains sugar.

I am grateful to have spent Christmas with people I love. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas too.

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