Just one game they said…

31 December 2019

I love board and card games. When I was young we used to spend the whole day playing board and card games when we can. I remember playing Magic Cards the Gathering with my brother and cousins and we would spend hours and hours playing it.

Recently I went back to playing board games. We had friends who regularly plays Settlers of Catan with us but they moved down to New Zealand. But… A friend who moved back to Singapore from France likes board games too and she organises board games day at her house recently. But besides her and one more friend, it’s quite hard to find like-minded people to play with.

So I started checking the meetup app, I’ve had for a long time but really only searched for tech meet ups. Looked for board games and there’s a number of event, and found one that is relatively close to our house at Simei MRT station. The place is called Basecamp.cafe and the event is being organised by Card Board Crew.

Surprisingly, when we got there, the place is almost full and I saw my friend (the one who like board games too) there, what a coincidence!

The people are nice and friendly and will always welcome you to play with them if there’s still a spot. There was this guy that was so nice introducing us to new games and teaching us but never got to know his name. Next time I will definitely get his name.

That’s the guy at the center. So nice!

This game is called Rajas of the Ganges

That guy asked us what games we liked and we told him something strategic and he recommended this and taught us. It was a lot of fun

This one is called Tsuro: the game of path.

Much more easy one but also fun. The aim is whoever stays on the board the longest wins the game.

Overall, the experience was good. I got to met new people but still need to build friendships so I need to go more, and I think I would because I like playing board games and I partied myself out and prefer spending time with friends in a more chill out manner.

Go check them out! Highly recommended for Board game lovers!

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