Goodbye 2019! Hello 2020

1 January 2020

I started the last day of 2020 doing an online course. It did not even feel like it’s a holiday and I was not in a party mood. The man was cranky too because of all the noise and lack of sleep and we ended up having a fight but still made up to go meet friends to celebrate and welcome the new year.

This year end is my very first watching the fireworks at Marina Bay while dancing are asses off with Silent Disco!

Thanks to Couchsurfing community and we had friends to spend new year’s eve with! Started pre drinks at a bar called Smoobar and promotional drinks are very cheap!

First time having a shot mixed with Yakult! I decided to skip my PCOS meds and just enjoy the last night of 2020 qnd drank a lot of shots!

4 Silent Disco events and 5 new year’s eve together ❤️
Spent new year’s day dinner with CS friends with hotpot!

So far my new year is pretty good. 2019 was good, I hope 2020 will be better and all are hopes and plans will come true.

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  1. Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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