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17 February 2020

It’s been a really long while since I have been hanging out with friends in a regular bar.

Recently a friend introduced us to this bar near Kallang and we liked it right away, it has good ambience and good vibes, and more importantly, it’s cheap!

“Borrow whisky, eliminate worries”

The bar is called ABV, it’s just behind The Refinery. Last weekend we were there for a birthday party of one of our friends on Friday, and then we decided to go for another round on Saturday.

What was supposed to be a chill hangout and light drinking ended up with drinking games, shots and karaoke-ing to Disney songs.

I was not even dressed up for a night out!

It’s good to have good like minded friends who you can be around and just be yourself. And it’s inly Monday and I am already looking forward for the weekend with them again! ❤️

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