Home Bar

17 February 2020     Gabbles

It’s been a really long while since I have been hanging out with friends in a regular bar. Recently a friend introduced us to this bar near Kallang and we liked it right away, it has good ambience and good vibes, and more importantly, it’s cheap! “Borrow whisky, eliminate worries” The bar is called ABV, it’s just behind The Refinery. Last weekend we were there for a birthday party of one of our friends on Friday, and then we decided to go for another round on Saturday. What was supposed to be a chill hangout and light drinking ended up with drinking games, shots and karaoke-ing to Disney songs. I was not even dressed up for a night out! It’s good to have good like minded friends who you can be around and just be yourself. And it’s inly Monday and I am already looking forward for the weekend with them again! ❤️  

Year of The Rat

3 February 2020     Gabbles

Chinese New Year is one of the biggest holiday in Singapore and the most celebrated one as Chinese is 76.2% of the population. I usually prefer to be out because it's a long holiday but for the past years, we've been celebrating it here and last Monday we spent the day at St John's Island. It was a good day until the next day that I have to work early and all my sea fleas bites became very itchy! One thing that makes the holiday better are the reunions! It means I get to hangout with my local friends and eat a lot of food and just chill and have a laugh. Every CNY, a couple of friends who live abroad come back to celebrate it with family and friends.  

Procreate Sketches

29 January 2020     Sketches

I am not sure when and why but I suddenly took interest in digital drawing. I’ve taken a few online course and I kinda gotten hooked to it. I am no artist like my Dad but I am pretty proud of myself because even if I don’t have the artistic side, I am pretty good at using technology. I am using the latest version of procreate since I just recently downloaded it. It’s affordable I‘d say, for all the functionalities it offers. Anyway, here are my sketches, from the very first one to the recent one I did today. Still a looooong way to go and still a looooot to learn!!  

Goodbye 2019! Hello 2020

1 January 2020     Gabbles

I started the last day of 2020 doing an online course. It did not even feel like it’s a holiday and I was not in a party mood. The man was cranky too because of all the noise and lack of sleep and we ended up having a fight but still made up to go meet friends to celebrate and welcome the new year. This year end is my very first watching the fireworks at Marina Bay while dancing are asses off with Silent Disco! Thanks to Couchsurfing community and we had friends to spend new year’s eve with! Started pre drinks at a bar called Smoobar and promotional drinks are very cheap! First time having a shot mixed with Yakult! I decided to skip my PCOS meds and just enjoy the last night of 2020 qnd drank a lot of shots! 4 Silent Disco events and 5 new year’s eve together ❤️ Spent new year’s day dinner with CS friends with hotpot! So far my new year is pretty good. 2019 was good, I hope 2020 will be better and all are hopes and plans will come true.  

Just one game they said…

31 December 2019     Gabbles

I love board and card games. When I was young we used to spend the whole day playing board and card games when we can. I remember playing Magic Cards the Gathering with my brother and cousins and we would spend hours and hours playing it. Recently I went back to playing board games. We had friends who regularly plays Settlers of Catan with us but they moved down to New Zealand. But... A friend who moved back to Singapore from France likes board games too and she organises board games day at her house recently. But besides her and one more friend, it’s quite hard to find like-minded people to play with. So I started checking the meetup app, I’ve had for a long time but really only searched for tech meet ups. Looked for board games and there’s a number of event, and found one that is relatively close to our house at Simei MRT station. The place is called Basecamp.cafe and the event is being organised by Card Board Crew. Surprisingly, when we got there, the place is almost full and I saw my friend (the one who like board games too) there, what a coincidence! The  

Family, Friends, Love and Giving

26 December 2019     Gabbles

There was a question at the music festival Christmas at the Fort. What is Christmas for you? Christmas is not like before when I was a child. We used to celebrate it big time when my grandparents were still alive, and now, most family are scattered all over the world and mostly are in Australia. It does not feel the same too without my sister. But I do my best. We are not able to travel out this year, but happy to spend it with Family and Friends. Games with these lovelies Spent the afternoon of 24th with friends playing board games, with a lot of arguments and laughter. It was a well spent afternoon Secret Hitler Learned a new game that is quite fun! I think I am going to get one for myself. It was quite enjoyable. It’s similar to coup but more intense as all of you needs to lie and you’ll really never know who is in your team. Recommended for at least bigger group, about 7 people and above. Fabian and Friends Luckily my cousins are in town this Christmas, so we got to spend Noche Buena with them, with of course karaoke and lots  

Navidad 2019

22 December 2019     Gabbles

I haven’t been feeling Christmassy the last few days, and being stuck in Singapore while everyone is out sucks. We have to find things to do. There are quite a number of things to be thankful today. Our little Xmas Teee The man came home today with more xmas lights for our tree and it really cheered me up. It’s always the smallest things I find meaningful. He was even suggesting to get a bigger tree, but I am quite happy with this one, besides it’s our very first Christmas Tree and it’s two years old now. Christmas at the Fort Since most of our friends are either already out of Singapore back to their home country or busy with their own Christmas gatherings. Decided to find things to so during this festive seasons. I wanted to watch a carolling and found this event on Facebook. It is organised by a Methodist Church and it was impressively good. It’s been ages since I last watched a decent carolling. This made it feel more Christmas. Python for Everybody Specialization I finally got my grade on the capstone and got my Specialization certificate. This is a non credit course but I am